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Dahe paper Co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of henan investment group, entrusted by henan investment group, according to the group, fineness and professional requirements, professional management Lin, pulp, paper, board business._金沙9159

Dahe paper Co., LTD. Holding enterprise three, respectively puyang longfeng paper Co., LTD. And other areas in baiyun paper Co., LTD., jiaozuo ruifeng paper Co., LTD.; A wholly owned subsidiaries, namely the river zhoukou forestry Co., LTD._金沙js333

Dahe paper mainly engaged in medium and high class culture paper, wet pulp, the OARS. At present paper culture with annual output of 600000 tons, 350000 tons of pulp, plate processing capacity of 220000 cubic meters, the forest land 250000 mu, the culture of paper have "paper cubic", "cloud era", "BaiYunTian", "day", "feng win" and other brands, wet pulp and blade ?_金沙7868com